Android Point SDK  15.2.0 Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void tempoStarted ()
void tempoStopped ()
void tempoStartError (BDError error)

Detailed Description

TempoStatusListener is an interface providing tempo status updates

Member Function Documentation

◆ tempoStarted()

void ( )

It is called when Tempo is successfully started with the provided destinationId.

◆ tempoStartError()

void ( BDError  error)

It is called when there is an error in Tempo start

Errors thrown are:
TempoInvalidDestinationIdError - is generated when the destinationId is not valid
TempoAlreadyInProgressError - is generated when already Tempo tracking is ongoing and a new ServiceManager#startTempoTracking request is called

errorcan be a BDError, TempoInvalidDestinationIdError and TempoAlreadyInProgressError

◆ tempoStopped()

void ( )

It is called when Tempo stop is successful

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